quote-gray.pngWhen you hunt ducks 60 days a year from Louisiana to Arkansas I need a decoy anchor that goes from 1’ to 10’ in seconds.  Ive tried every kind of weight system out there and Decoy Buddy is the best out there.quote-gray.png

Take it from the Duckman Roland Cortez (Arkansas County Duck Guide Service)

quote-gray.pngAs a professional hunter and producer, it is important that I use a product that is dependable and reliable. With Decoy Buddy by Game Smart, you are not purchasing a decoy weight...but a decoy anchor system. This product has allowed my team to be able to hunt all of our decoys in any situation anytime, instead of having designated decoys for certain water depths. We have hunted Decoy Buddy Anchor systems for three years now with not a single issue or failure. Whether you are hunting rice fields with 3 inches of water or the surf in the Gulf of Mexico with a strong current and a 25mph wind, I can put my company's name on the fact that your decoys will stay put. If I had to start all over again, I would have made the switch to Decoy Buddy a long time ago and saved myself and my team a lot of headaches!quote-gray.png

Jude Barber
Owner/Founder of Duck Down Waterfowl LLC

quote-gray.pngThe Eyes 2 The Sky Team has traveled up and down the Mississippi flyway this year duck hunting. Our gear throughout this season has taken a lot of abuse. Of all the different gear we have used this year and all the different scenarios we have hunted our Decoy Buddy decoy anchors have held up tremendously. We have not had to replace or repair a single anchor. We have exposed them to salt water in the marshes of southeast Louisiana and even in single digit temperatures in the north Mississippi Delta where they were used not only as decoy anchors but also used as if they were a ball and chain to break 1⁄2 inch thick ice to open a duck hole and they unlike our guns and other equipment never froze or malfunctioned. We could not imagine ever hunting again without our Decoy Buddies, they are truly a game changing product.quote-gray.png

E2S Co-Owners: Shawn Rogers and Shawn Moody