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The Bran Bag Deer Feeder


Product Description

The Bran Bag- Now available through Gamesmart!

This deer feeder is a bag that hangs on the tree--the perfect portable deer feeder! The design of the bran bag enables deer to nudge bag for more feed which reduces bran waste.

It features a simple gravity flow function that allows for worry-free performance.


  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL- Allows for free flow of rice bran.
  • 50 LBS CAPACITY- Attract & hold deer in your area. 
  • IT'S TOUGH- UV Resistant and long lasting deer feeder. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT- It is a simple for one person to install & maintain. 
  • COMPACT STORAGE- Simply rinse, dry & fold in off season

HOW IT WORKS: The Bran Bag Deer Feeder works by using a soft material for its walls instead of hard plastic or metals walls. The soft design allows the feed to freely flow once the deer pushes or nudges the walls. By using a soft wall, bridging of the feed in sections or corners enables free flow and total utilization of the feed. Lower the Bran Bag to decrease flow. Make sure the lid is properly secured over the opening to prevent rainfall from entering bag. To refill, untie lid, pour additional rice bran into Bag, secure lid properly. Inspect the Bran Bag periodically to verify the contents are freely flowing at desired rates. Remove rice bran from under bag that has become hardened from moisture or rainfall. Bran will absorb moisture up into the bag preventing the free flow of bran. For Best Results Remove bag from packaging a few days prior to filling. This will allow the "new" material to breath allowing any odors to escape. Fill the bag several days prior to any rainfall to allow deer sufficient time to locate the bag prior to the feed getting wet. This will allow the deer time to learn to use the bag. If gravity flow does not continue, squeeze or press on the bag which will promote gravity flow of the bran. This will allow any lumps to break up and to be pushed out of the bag. Always verify the lid of the Bag is secured tightly to prevent rainfall from entering. Periodically, sweep away any rice bran below the Bag that is wet and become solidified. Do not allow the rice bran to harden under the Bag on tree roots or tree base. This will prevent proper flow.

STORAGE: For extended life, store the Bran Bag when not being used. Follow these guidelines: Remove the Bag from tree wash the inside and outside of the Bran Bag with water hang it. Allow it to thoroughly dry then fold and store in dry area. Rice bran often tends to form lumps if subjected to moisture that could prevent gravity flow from the Bag. If this occurs, the flow often will continue once the Bag is moved by the deer as they touch the opening of the bag to gain access to more feed.

DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for accidents arising from the use of the Bran Bag or damage to landscape, timber, grass or other vegetation as a direct or indirect result of using the Bran Bag.

Product Reviews

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  1. deer use it the first day i put it up

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2016

    I really like it easy to use deer ate from it the first day

1.00 LBS