Decoy Buddy and DSA - How it Works!

Check out our newest Decoy Buddy video and get a sneak peak at one of our newest products. This video is a complete guide on how our product works. Stay tuned for more!

Decoy Buddy- Full Demo!

Check out our full video showcasing many advantages of the Decoy Buddy. Stay tuned for more!

Decoy Buddy featuring Ryan Theriot!

Putting out your Decoy's has never been easier. You can have your decoy spread out in minutes, remove your tangle free decoy's from your bag or box, simply pull out the line to a desired length and throw your decoys in the water, its just that easy! Watch the video now.

Picking up your Decoy's

Picking up your decoy spread with Decoy Buddy is just a simple as putting them out. Grab your decoy, pull up the Decoy Buddy from the mud and water, shake any debris and simply reel in the decoy, Here's a video showing you how easy it really is.

Decoy Buddy Features

Decoy Buddy is a simple yet unique anchoring system, its made of durable platic, easy to use reeling system, grabbing teeth to help anchor the decoy and heavy duty line that holds up in the worst conditions. You can adjust the length from a few inches up to 10ft.

How to use your Decoy Buddy

Decoy Buddy is the ultimate anchoring system, clip the Decoy Buddy onto your favorite decoy, pull the line to the desired length and your decoy is ready to go. To retrieve the decoy, pull up the Decoy Buddy, insert your handle and reel in your your decoy.

Attaching Decoy Buddy to your Decoys

Here is a short video on how you can have your decoys setup and ready to go with Decoy Buddy, simply clip the Decoy Buddy on to your decoy and throw in your decoy bag, when you are ready to use them, simply pull them out of the bag with no tangles, and your ready to hunt.

Tangle Free!

Watch just how easy and tangle free it is to take your decoys out of your bag using Decoy Buddy. We now offer Decoy Buddy bands that hook on to the bottom of the Decoy Buddy so you can pull the band around the back of the decoy to secure it tightly.

Decoy Buddy in moving water

With 8oz of weight, the Decoy Buddy does well in moving water, the anchoring system has grabber teeth on both sides so that is sure to stop the decoy in its tracks. Please note that the water conditions vary and you always have a chance of losing your decoys, so take precations.

Muddy Conditions!

Decoy Buddy is tough and durable, even in the mud, take a look at the video to see the Decoy Buddy in action right her in the swamps of Louisiana.